HealthTrials History and Mandate
HealthTrials, an office within the Department of Research at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, was formed in 1996 to forge links between the innovative pharmaceutical industry and Manitoba researchers. HealthTrials provides project administration services to both researchers and pharmaceutical companies in an effort to enhance clinical research conducted at the Health Sciences Centre.

HealthTrials Services

  • Prepares and submits protocols, amendments and site-specific participant information / consent forms on behalf of HSC Investigators to the University of Manitoba Biomedical Research Ethics Board.

  • Provides HSC Research Sites with an HSC-specific (revised) template of Standard Operating Procedures for Good Clinical Practice at the Investigative site. The SOP template has been revised for use by HSC clinical research teams who may edit the SOPs to reflect their specific clinical research procedures. A licensing fee of $125 per research group is applicable.

  • Facilitates clinical research educational events and opportunities.

  • Assists, when possible, with linking Pharmaceutical companies with clinical trial Investigators and Investigators with Clinical Research Coordinators.

HealthTrials services related to contract clinical research trials are provided through the institutional overhead applied to contract clinical research. Service provided to a non-contract clinical research project are subject to a fee.

HealthTrials Staff
Kathy Couch, Liaison Officer, and Theresa Ronson, Clinical Research Assistant/Ethics and Regulatory Affairs, provide assistance to researchers who request help in the preparation of clinical trial protocol packages for submission to the University of Manitoba Research Ethics Board, and provide ongoing assistance throughout the duration of the clinical trial to the research site.

For more detailed information, please contact:

Kathy Couch: (204) 787-2084 | Fax number: (204) 787-4547
Theresa Ronson: (204) 787-2046 | email address:

HealthTrials, MS744 - 820 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3A 1R9

Maria Loureiro, Manager, Research Administration Health Sciences Centre, works with HealthTrials on special projects, and can be reached at (204) 787-4175.