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Before you return home, you should know:

  • who to call at HSC, if you have a problem,
  • which medication you have been given and the possible side effects,
  • the danger signals relevant to your condition,
  • when you can go back to work and resume normal activities,
  • information regarding special devices or equipment that you might need to use,
  • follow-up appointments with your family physician and specialists.

This information can improve your recovery and your health. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have before leaving or upon your return home.

Transfer / discharge to another facility
You may be transferred to another facility should you need treatment or therapy that is not provided at HSC. Arrangement for this will be made by your healthcare team, who will keep you fully informed off the reasons for such a move.

Manitobans who need to be transferred from one hospital to another based on their doctor’s assessment will not have to pay to be moved. The cost of the ambulance will be covered.

Questions about the transfer should be directed to your physician, nurse and / or Manager of Patient Care.

Interim Placement
If you are waiting for a bed in a long-term care or personal care home, you may be transferred to another facility until a bed becomes available in the home of your choice. HSC must discharge you to a more appropriate facility to allow us to continue to care for more seriously ill patients. Your cooperation is appreciated.





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