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These research articles were originally published in the HSC Winnipeg staff newsletter, HSC Focus.

HSC to Host Public Art Show Inspired by Brain Research
Volume 24, Number 2 • February 17, 2017
This March, HSC Winnipeg will transform the John Buhler Research Centre Atrium into a creative, inter-active, and educational exhibit featuring art inspired by the brain. The exhibit is called Neurocraft, and presents pieces by nine local artists who collaborated with nine University of Manitoba neuroscience researchers affiliated with HSC Winnipeg.

Study Challenges How Heart Health is Perceived Among First Nations
Volume 24, Number 2 • February 17, 2017
In Canada, the number of First Nations People with heart disease is higher, the age at which they’re diagnosed is younger, and the quality of their health post-heart attack is lesser than the general Canadian population.But why? That’s the question a four-year study, led by the University of Manitoba, College of Nursing, and Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, is exploring.

Four HSC Winnipeg Researchers Awarded $4.25M in CIHR Grants
Volume 24, Number 1 • January 20, 2017
Four new research projects will be led by four Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Winnipeg-affiliated researchers, thanks to $4.25 million in funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). “On behalf of the Research Department, I congratulate HSC Winnipeg-based researchers for their success in attaining CIHR funding,” said Dr. Eric Jacobsohn, Medical Director of Research at HSC Winnipeg, after the announcement at the University of Manitoba Bannatyne Campus.

Look Out Below! There’s Research on the Floor
Volume 24, Number 1 • January 20, 2017
If you’ve ever wondered why Level 0 in the Purple Bear Zone has numerous strips of different flooring placed side-by-side? Here’s why: it’s a research site in disguise. The purpose? Finding the best flooring.

HSC Foundation Donors Make Important New Research Possible
Volume 23, Number 8 • December 2, 2016
The Health Sciences Centre Foundation is pleased to be able to provide more than $390,000 in grants to 10 new research projects this year, thanks to support from donors including dedicated staff at HSC Winnipeg. Awarding these grants is another way HSC Foundation donors are supporting efforts to improve patient care at our hospital, as the projects selected have the potential to impact diagnostics and treatment at HSC Winnipeg, and beyond.

Nursing Research: It’s All About You
Volume 23, Number 8 • December 2, 2016
More comfortable surgeries? Healthier premature babies? Better patient care? You’ve got a nursing researcher to thank, at least in part.

What to Eat When You Have Arthritis: What Current Research Says
Volume 23, Number 7 • October 28, 2016
Miracle fruits? Wonder teas? Magic vinegars? It might be tough to swallow, but it’s not helping. When it comes to these foods, Registered Dietitian Kathy Ladd says there’s little evidence they benefit people with arthritis.

Meet Your New Medical Director of Research: Dr. Eric Jacobsohn
Volume 23, Number 7 • October 28, 2016
When I heard HSC Winnipeg was looking for a new Medical Director of Research, I thought it would fit well with the next chapter of my life. I was coming to the end of 10 years as Department Head of Anesthesia and needed a new area to invest my energies and skills into. I wanted a new focus, although I’ve done a lot of research – and a lot of administration too – over these last 10 years.

Technological Advances Play Significant Role in Medical Education at HSC
Volume 23, Number 4 • June 24, 2016
Dozens of temporal bones line the countertops of the Laboratory for Surgical Modeling, Simulation and Robotics. There’s also a tiny black skull, a pink brain, and a white pelvis bone no bigger than a human foot.

MS Clinic Research Leads to Better Understanding of Multiple Sclerosis
Volume 23, Number 4 • June 24, 2016
Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is a disease of the central nervous system. It affects one’s brain, spinal cord, nerves to the eyes, and ability to move. It also affects over 3,000 Manitobans, according to Dr. Ruth Ann Marrie, Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at HSC Winnipeg.

Celebrating Researchers at HSC Winnipeg
Volume 23, Number 4 • June 24, 2016
Research provides patients with better care, unlocks treatments for diseases, and improves healthcare. But who’s doing it? Of the more than 7,000 staff at HSC Winnipeg, we count several hundred researchers.

Manitoba Centre for Proteomics and Systems Biology 10th Anniversary
Volume 23, Number 6 • September 23, 2016
At HSC Winnipeg, research shapes your hospital experience. From whom you see, to which treatments you receive, to how you rest in your hospital bed, a sophisticated body of research supports your visit to ensure it’s the best it can be. This patient-oriented research thrives at the Manitoba Centre for Proteomics and Systems Biology (MCPSB), where several on-going projects work toward improving patient care.




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