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Volunteer Opportunities - Summer

Thank you for expressing interest in our Summer Volunteer Program.

Due to a large volume of applications, it can sometimes take several weeks for your application to be reviewed, we appreciate your patience.

Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to apply for the summer program. Applicants that are younger than 18 years of age will only be placed in the roles designated for youth applicants.

Summer volunteers are temporary placements in roles specifically for summer. If you wish to continue, we cannot guarantee a placement after the summer but we will make our best efforts to try and find something suitable after the summer commitment is over.

What to expect when you apply to become a volunteer at Health Science Centre (HSC).

  1. Applying
    • HSC receives a large number of applications. Only selected applicants will be contacted; it often takes up to 6 weeks before we contact selected applicants. If you have listed an email address, this is how we will try to reach you.
    • Applying to volunteer is much like applying for a job. We take many factors into consideration before accepting volunteers at HSC. We take our responsibility for patients seriously and we screen all applicants thoroughly. Completing our application as thoroughly as possible will help us assess your suitability for volunteering.
    • Be sure to include your specific availability, including days and times you can volunteer during the summer. Make note of which months these hours will be applicable.
    • If you will be away for a specific time period (i.e., for vacation), please indicate the dates you will be away on your application.

  2. The Interview
    • If selected, a Volunteer Services staff member will call or email you to arrange a date and time for an interview.
    • You will be asked to provide three (3) references. We do not accept family members or personal friends as references.
    • Volunteer Services requires all applicants to complete an Adult Abuse Registry Check and Child Abuse Registry Check as part of HSC policy, which will be done during your interview.
    • If you are under 18 years of age, you will be asked to bring a signed Parental/Guardian consent form with you to the interview.

  3. Screening
    • After your interview, an administrator will contact your references.
    • Once references are completed, successful applicants may be placed on a waitlist until a placement opens up that matches their availability.

  4. The Offer
    • If a successful match is made between your skills and abilities and an available position, an administrator will offer you a volunteer position. If you decide to accept the offer, the administrator will discuss a start date with you and register you for an orientation session.
    • Those offered a position in Children’s Hospital will be asked to complete a Criminal Record Check.

  5. Orientation & Training
    • You will be required to attend an orientation session at the Volunteer Services office where you will be provided with a volunteer identification badge, a HSC volunteer vest and a general orientation to the office and the HSC.
    • Prior to attending the orientation session, you will be sent an email to complete online eLearning modules which will help you to begin volunteering at HSC and provide you with additional information while volunteering. Completion of the eLearning modules is required before attending your orientation session.
    • On your first day, your immediate placement supervisor will provide you with an orientation to the office/site where you will be volunteering. You will then receive specific training for your volunteer position.

Thank you for expressing interest in our Volunteer Program!

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