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Adult Emergency

Intended For: For patients 17 years or older
Location: 700 William Avenue
Hours: Open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week
Phone: 204-787-3167
Wait time: Click here to view the current wait times

When should I go to Emergency?

If you think it’s urgent, go immediately to the Emergency Department or call 911 for an ambulance. Go to the Emergency Department for any of the following:

  • Heart attack
  • Major trauma
  • Head injury
  • Amputation
  • Severe difficulty in breathing
  • Unconsciousness
  • Severe bleeding
  • Deep cut
  • Foreign body in the eyes or ears
  • High fever in an infant or toddler
  • Chest pain
  • Signs of serious infection

If you are not sure where to go for care, visit myrightcare.ca

Or call Health Links at 204-788-8200 or toll-free 1-888-315-9257. Health Links - Info Santé is a 24-hour, 7-days a week telephone information service. Staffed by registered nurses with the knowledge to provide answers over the phone to health care questions and guide you to the care you need.

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What to expect

Click here to watch a short video about what to expect when visiting Adult Emergency

1. A member of our Security team will greet you and ask if you are at HSC for Emergency care. They will also ask you to wash your hands.

2. You will go to the Registration Desk to be registered as a patient. We will ask for information such as your name, date of birth, next of kin and health card number. Whenever possible you will see a Triage
Nurse at the same time. If you have been registered but still need to be triaged, you will be given a green bracelet.

3. The Triage Nurse will ask how you are feeling, take your temperature and blood pressure. This determines how quickly you
need to be seen. People with life-threatening injuries and illnesses need to be seen first. Some patients may be arriving by ambulance
through a separate entrance you cannot see from the waiting room.

4. You will be given a white hospital identification bracelet (red bracelet if you have an allergy) and / or a blue bracelet if you are going to be seen in the Minor Treatment Area (MTA).

5. You will be asked to take a seat in the waiting room until you are called to see a doctor, nurse or nurse practitioner. If you start to feel worse while you are waiting, please tell a staff member.

6. A staff member will check the status of everyone in the waiting room every hour.
If you have to step out of the Emergency Department for any reason (e.g. to move your car), please tell a staff member so we know you have not decided to leave without being treated. Let us know when you are back.

7. Your name will be called and you will be taken into a treatment area where doctors, nurses and other support staff will care for you. You may be sent for tests (e.g. an x-ray) and we may take blood and urine samples. You may need to wait for results.

8. Depending on the nature of your illness or injury, you may need to see a specialist, be treated in the Emergency Department or be admitted to hospital. You may need to wait on a bed in the Emergency Department until a room is available.

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While you are in the Adult Emergency Department

The waiting room can be a busy place. Most people are here because, like you, they are not feeling well, may be in pain or may be anxious. We do our best to make sure the environment is as comfortable as possible.
To do this we need your help:

1. Seating is limited and prioritized for patients. We may have to ask companions to give up their chair. It may also be helpful for companions to take turns waiting with you.

2. Please respect people’s privacy and be sensitive to noise levels. If you need to make a phone call, please step out of the department. Be sure to tell the staff member that you will be back.

If you have questions or concerns about your care, please speak with a member of our team. You can also call the Patient Relations Office at 204-787-2704 or email pro@hsc.mb.ca.

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The closest parking to Adult Emergency is the William Ave Parkade. Street parking is limited – check your time. If you will be spending more time at HSC, weekly parking passes and value cards are available. Call 204-787-2715.

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Food & Retail

24-hour Food Court, including
Tim Horton’s, Level 2

Guildy’s, Level 1
Mon.-Fri: 7a.m.-7p.m.; Sat: 8a.m.-3p.m.

Mini-Mart, Level 1
Mon.-Fri: 8a.m.-6p.m.

Gift Shop
William Ave Mall

Grand Medicine Pharmacy
William Ave Mall

Stevens Medical Supply
William Ave Mall

*Aalto’s, ’l bistro and Starbucks
Canad Inns Destination Centre HSC
through William Ave Mall

*We cannot overhead page you in these areas.

There are also vending machines in Emergency and throughout HSC.

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Canad Inns offers special rates for patients and families. Call 204-594-9472.
Lennox Bell Lodge is HSC’s on-site hostel. Call 204-787-4271.


The Sanctuary is a quiet place for reflection, open 24 hours a day, Level 2, Green Owl Zone.

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