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HSC offers five parkades for patients and visitors to our campus.

At peak times the parkades may be full. Please be aware that you may have to visit more than one parkade to find available parking. We suggest you allow ample time to find parking if you are coming to HSC for an appointment.

HSC Parking Office
720 McDermot Ave, Level 1
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 0M1

Phone: 204-787-2715
Fax: 204-787-1010
Email: hscparkingoffice@hsc.mb.ca

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
*Please note that the Parking Office is a scent free environment*

Your parking options include:


* All rates and times are subject to change.*
All HSC parking facilities adhere to HSC's smoke-free environment policies

William Avenue Parkade
Entrance: 701 William Avenue

  • Primary parkade for the convenience of patients and visitors, generally good availability of parking space
  • Connected to HSC by tunnel and William Avenue Skywalk (pedestrian overpass)
  • Short walk to 700 William Avenue Entrance, Ann Thomas Building, Adult Emergency, Children’s Emergency, Community Services Building
  • Height 6'3"

For rates, click here

Sherbrook Street Underground Garage
Entrance: 820 Sherbrook Street

  • Limited space available
  • Tunnel and elevator access to Children's Hospital, Thorlakson Building and Rehab/Respiratory Hospita
  • Height 6'8"

For rates, click here

Rehab Underground Garage
Entrance: McDermot Avenue at Olivia Street

  • Limited space available
  • Connected to HSC by tunnel
  • Close to Rehab/Respiratory Hospital, CancerCare Manitoba
  • Height 9'5"

For rates, click here

Emily Street Parkade
Entrance: 10 Emily Street

  • Connected to HSC by tunnel
  • Close to 707 McDermot Avenue Entrance, Women’s Hospital, Lennox Bell Lodge, John Buhler Research Centre, U of M and CancerCare Manitoba
  • Height 7'

For rates, click here

Tecumseh Street Parkade
Entrance: 35 Tecumseh Street

  • Connected to HSC by tunnel
  • Close to Women's Hospital, PsycHealth Centre, John Buhler Research Centre, U of M and 707 McDermot Avenue Entrance
  • Height 6'8"

For rates, click here

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Discounted Parking
If you plan to make several visits to HSC within a short period of time discounted parking is available. Purchase a parking card for 5, 10 or more visits. Contact the HSC Parking Office or the HSC Cashiers for more information.

Accessible Parking
Accessible parking is available in Tecumseh, William, Sherbrook and Rehab Parkades. Please remember that your numbered Provincial Disability Permit must be displayed on the rearview mirror when using a designated disabled parking space.

Hourly Parking
Parking is available on an hourly basis at all HSC Parkades.

Temporary Parking
Temporary parking is available for patients and visitors. If you need to make several or long visits to HSC within a short period of time, a weekly parking pass is a convenient and affordable option. Access to the parkade is available even when the 'Lot Full' sign is on.

Weekly parking is available at the following parkades:

  • Emily Street Parkade - $50 per week
    • Four consecutive weeks maximum $110
    Tecumseh Street Parkade - $50 per week
    • Four consecutive weeks maximum $110
  • William Avenue Parkade - $50 per week
    • Four consecutive weeks maximum $160

GST is included in these rates. A refundable $25 deposit on the parking transponder is required. Rates are subject to change. For more information, contact the HSC Parking Office

If you would like to purchase weekly parking, please visit the HSC Cashiers (820 Sherbrook St.), Lennox Bell Lodge or the HSC Parking Office.

Patient monthly parking, Self Care Dialysis Centre
765 Sherbrook Street

Monthly parking is available only for patients of the Sherbrook Self Care Dialysis Centre for a flat rate of $31 per month, GST included. Rates are subject to change. For more information or to purchase a monthly parking pass, contact the HSC Parking Office.

D-Lot Parking
707 McDermot Ave

D-Lot is located on McDermot Avenue in front of the 707 McDermot Avenue entrance. The meter to purchase a ticket is located beside the entrance door. Accepts credit cards and coins, to a two hour maximum.

HSC Meter Parking
Metered parking spaces are available on HSC’s campus. Please be aware of any time or accessibility restrictions that apply to your parking space and allow enough time on your meter for your visit to HSC.

Parking meters in the drop-off loops of Adult Emergency and Children’s Emergency are intended for short-term use by people using the Emergency Departments. Accepts $0.25, $1.00 and $2.00 coins only; to a 30 minute maximum.

Parking meter in the drop-off loop of Women's Hospital is intended for short term use - accepts coins and credit cards only; to a 30 minute maximum.

Bicycle Parking
Bicycle racks are available for use around the campus.

Street Meter Parking
For information on surrounding street parking, visit Winnipeg Parking Authority.

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